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60 year old man admits he secretly listens to Yo Yo Honey Singh

18, Aug 2014 By iyerman

Chennai. In a candid revelation, 60 year old Mr. Narayanan Iyer has told faking news that he secretly listens to Yo Yo Honey Singh songs. Narayanan Iyer, who hails from Chennai was brought up listening to Carnatic classical music and was devoid of listening to any sort of film music. Mr.Iyer has been denying all allegations made by his son and has been sticking to his stand until he gave this interview.

In an earlier interview Mr.Iyer had said, “I used to listen to few Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman songs here and there, but the songs these days are worthless”, mentioned Iyer. “There is nothing like sitting in an auditorium, shaking your head and putting beats to a Carnatic concert. Songs these days, I tell you. Useless only. All these Honey Singh should be banned, I say.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh
“Saare hain fan mere”

A month after having given the interview, Mr.Iyer was caught red handed by his son, Varadu, watching the exclusive of the latest Yo Yo Honey Singh song from Singham Returns on MTV. When encountered, Mr.Iyer again refuted the charges saying he was only browsing through the channels. But a day later, when his mobile phone was confiscated, his son found a playlist full of Yo Yo songs. “It even had Punjabi songs,” said his shell shocked Varadu. “Nowadays when he gets angry at me, he shouts at me saying ‘Aata Majhi Satakli.” Varadu is said to have gone into depression after he saw his dad practice Lungi Dance.

In an exclusive interview, Mr.Iyer confessed to Faking News that he is in love with Yo Yo Honey Singh songs. “There is something about his songs. Once you listen to it, it becomes like a virus and will keep ringing in your ear. Like a nursery rhyme or something, you know? I would consider it as some kind of Fusion music, yet based on Carnatic Ragas. May be we can invite him to one of the Carnatic musical festivals that happen in Chennai every year,” said Mr.Iyer. Yo Yo Honey Singh however has denied having any sort of knowledge of classical music and that his hip-hop genre is purely ‘inspired’ from the likes of Eminem, 50 Cents etc. With the news going viral, Narayanan is fearing expulsion from CCL, the Community of Carnatic lovers based out of Mylapore, Chennai.

The president of CCL, Mr. Chandramouli, was quoted saying, “It is a heavy blow for all the Carnatic music lovers. We need to call for a meeting to discuss this. Who knows, if there are more such people like Narayanan, it might pose a threat to the existence of Carnatic Music itself. I am planning to conduct a Marathon, where people can run without any purpose, to promote Classical music.”

It will be interesting to see if the likes of Mr.Iyer warms up to Himesh Reshammiya next.