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5 Star Ramesh and Suresh duo gets film offers

07, Apr 2015 By khakshar

Mumbai: The much famous Ramesh and Suresh of 5-Star chocolate bars were in for surprise on Monday the 6th of April.  The wannabe actors were completely taken aback  by the offers and calls they received. At first it appeared to them that the offers were belated 1st April prank . However the duo was reassured after they got calls from Nandita Das and a lady who acted in a short film called “My Choice”. The two ladies were excited about 5-star activists and showed eagerness to act with the chocolate Duo.

Official Attire for 5-Star Activism
Official Attire for 5-Star Activism

Annu the more vocal of the Duo said that they had also received threatening calls too. People hd called them and have told them to forgo 5 Star activism. He said that he was suspicious that some plain clothes men were keeping an eye on the Duo’s activities and snooping on them.

“Cicu” the other actor who goes by name Suresh, seemed burdened by their new found ‘Activist Tag’ after PM’s call on judiciary not to be influenced by 5-star activists.  He said that after the PM’s speech many activists who work for children rights have called them and lambasted them over phone. The activists have warned them of legal action if they don’t stop behaving like teens lost in their own dreams.

There is a sunny side too as one of the activists who works for children has called them for discussion in a 5-Star Hotel. Cicu and Annu are thrilled about first visit to such a high end hotel.

Another activist had shown up personally. He asked the Duo to first take diction class as activist rating is directly proportional the amount of ‘put-on accent’ in one’s English. The 5-Sitara activist also explained that it was due to his effort of activism that corruption in the previous government was exposed. He and his friends have a couple of aces against the present government too.

The duo as always are butt of the jokes of uncles in neighborhood. However they had a good laugh at the expense of co-pilot uncle of Jaipur-Delhi Air India flight. A young pilot on duty in same flight had the presence of mind like Ramesh & Suresh to arrange chair for the Co-Pilot uncle. It’s another matter that it triggered a clash in the cockpit and some delay in take off.

It seems that some forces in Government have not taken kindly to 5-Star activism as Cadbury has received a 570 Crores duty evasion Notice.