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3 police-officer costumes to be available in Salman’s jail cell for his honest cop role in upcoming movie

09, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Big Boss celebrity and occasional Bollywood director Farah Khan has declared that she will be shooting a sequel of movie GARV where Salman Khan will be reprising his role as ultra-honest cop ACP Arjun Ranawat. His usual side-kick will be played by Arbaz Khan whose character died in the previous movie but for purpose of the sequel, he will be shown to have miraculously survived his wounds. The film will be getting a rather long title by name “GARV 2: Most honorable men known, ever”.

Talking to various entertainment and news channel reporters, Farah Khan talked in brief about the new movie:

“Sir, here is a token. My own uniform, as per Farah khan direction, will be reaching to you soon!”: Police DGP to Salman Khan

“Since bhai will be in jail we are planning to save a lot of transportation cost by having bulk of the scenes shot in and around his jail cell. Some of the office type rooms in his jail premises will provide a very good police station kind of setting. In that regard we will also keep 3 police-officer uniforms always ironed and available in his jail cell for quick use.

So on a typical day of shooting Bhai will just have to change the costume, come out of his cell, finish the scene and go back to the cell. The money which we will save on transportation efforts will be used on putting up large hoardings in English around Mumbai, advising illiterate homeless people to never sleep outside their homes.” – Farah said with a sense of charitable satisfaction.

When asked on where would the item numbers be shot, Farah took a deep breath and said – “Abi ye acha question poocha. For dance numbers we are getting super-star technicians from Hollywood who will be able to combine two scenes shot at two separate locations into one single scene. So while Bhai would be dancing alone in his jail cell, a separate team of dancers would be dancing in an exotic location and these technicians will combine both of these scenes. Some green screen, some blue screen, some hifi tech funda they will do.” – Farah concluded the press conference and greeted everyone in big-boss style to indicate that reporters should now leave.

Although it’s not yet clear on how many of Farah’s movie crew-members will be given permission to enter jail premises, she is planning to have a make-up artist permanently locked up in a cell next to bhai’s cell throughout the duration of the movie shoot. Bhai’s driver will also be available to talk to media and take responsibility in case bhai makes any mistakes during his stay in jail or during movie shoot.