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2.1 States as sequel planned

22, Apr 2014 By ben10

With the runaway success of 2 States gone to Karan Johar’s head, the producers have signaled the possibility of a sequel. ‘Chetan Bhagat has decided to pen a script for the sequel’ said an unnamed official boinking  working with Karan Johar.

Chetan Bhagat however was tight-lipped about any details saying only that he’s yet to decide the authority figure in the script whose daughter the lead actor will be sleeping with, to showcase contemporary Indian society. Arjun Kapoor will return to play a pivotal role in the sequel and has revealed that this story shall have a relevant political backdrop in light of the Andhra-Telangana bifurcation. Alia Bhatt however was not available for any comment as she is shooting for the upcoming project directed by her father Mahesh Bhatt  “Jism 3: This is bloody awkward”.

With the cash-registers jingling all across the nation’s theatres with the wonderful reception that 2 States has received, director Varman has jumped to the opportunity of directing the sequel as well. He promises the audiences that not only will the sequel be better than the original but it’ll also make every non-IIT, non-IIM, not-having-an-affair-with-alia bhatt engineer feel like total crap. Hansa Survey believes that suicide rates will sky-rocket after the release of the sequel.