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100 years old movie to be recertified as 'A', based on petition submitted by offended

06, Feb 2013 By manithan

Chennai. In a landmark judgement today, the High court issued a directive to the Central Government that India’s first feature film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ directed by Dadasaheb Phalke should be re-certified as ‘Adults Only’. Based on a petition by Petition Paramasivam, the court acted hastily and recommended the re-certification of the film.

A Scene from Raja Harishchandra

Our reporter contacted the petitioner Petition Paramasivam, who said that he happened to see ‘Raja Harishchandra’ movie on YouTube recently. When he saw that all the dialogues were muted, he felt offended. To quote his words, “When will they mute a dialogue in a movie? Only when it is vulgar or obscene. When I saw this movie recently, I was shocked to the core that all the dialogues had been muted. Any person with a sane mind can now judge that this movie had vulgar dialogues from start to end and that is why all the dialogues were muted. I am enraged over how the Censor board had allowed this and I sense there might be a scam behind this.So, I had approached the court to re-certify this movie as A so that our cultural integrity and tradition is not spoiled.”

Our reporter had replied to him that Censor board came into existence around eight years after this film and this film was not certified then. The petitioner was now standing on his toe tip shouting over the top of his voice, “See, the Censor board which was non-existent had reviewed this movie. And they had released a movie without certification! Is this not enough to say that the whole process is a scam?”

While normal movies can be muted by the censor board wherever it deserves, there are heated discussions over how this 100 year old movie which was already a mute film, can be muted.

There were also reports from trusted sources that the Government is confused over whom to approach for editing the film,as its director had died long ago. One of the minister had put forth an idea that the responsibility of editing and receiving censor certificate can be given to the recipients of Dadasaheb Phalke award.

Meanwhile there were rumors that protestors under the leadership of Paramasivam has decided to protest against the movie by disliking the film video in YouTube.