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Woman sells Olx on Quikr and Quikr on Olx, shocks the internet

05, Aug 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: A women from South Mumbai has sold the major selling sites, Olx and Quikr on either of the sites, and has shocked the entire internet.

Initially warded off by the two big e-commerce sites as rumor and fake, it came as a blow to them, when the people who bought the sites pressed legal actions against them.

So true punchline.

In a press release, Quikr has expressed that, “It is unfortunate that our company Quikr has been sold to Mr. Bulawayo Mbangwa from Nigeria, who claims to be manager of Central Bank of Nigeria. Few days back, Quikr was sold by a lady called Kavita Rao from Mumbai through the Olx site. Now, he has sent us mail to send us some of our company details via Gmail, so that he can takeover our company from his home. We are trying to negotiate with Mr.Mbangwa and we are trying to get back our company. We regret to inform that we are taking our site off. Try not to sell anything till we are back.”

Olx website also carried a similar banner on its landing page, apologizing for Olx to be sold by the same woman via Quikr.

Since both the major selling sites are now down, online Indians were perplexed over how to sell their items. Rohit, a featured seller on Quikr, replied to the Facebook post on Quikr FB page as, “What the hell?!? How am I going to earn my bread today? I used to sell my grandpa’s glasses, grandma’s utensils, dad’s bike, etc on Quikr without their knowledge and flaunt about my earning capabilities before them. Now, how can I continue being at home all the day? I have to get myself to search for some job. I hate you.” This post was liked by some 1500 others there, who shared his same sentiments.

Sameera, a girl from Noida, went ahead and posted a Youtube video that went viral. In that, she was angrily shouting over Olx and Quikr being disabled online. She said, “I used to click photos of everything around me and sell them in both these sites. I also used to buy everything from there, before I sell them the next day. I had even made arrangements to sell my useless boyfriend in either of the sites for three hundred rupees. But, now all plans got foiled. Get lost! I am going to friendzone him on this friendship day by tying him Friendship band.”

With the online selling sites’ plug pulled off, local “pawn broker” shops have gained nationwide attention. Bhajanlal Sett, a famous Pawn-broker from Sowcarpet, happily laughed with his oscillating belly, “Arree! Today is heavy profit for Sett. Suddenly, young guys and girls are coming here with furniture, mobile and cars and selling to us, for money. Nambilki very happy. Nimbalki anything to sell?”

A Times Now journalist standing nearby, who had interviewed the Sett before us, said, “Earlier, when people become poor, they sell their properties and come to the road. But, now we are forced to come to road to sell our properties. Is this what the achche din Modi has promised? Surely, BJP has to answer”

While the whole of social media and media called for the arrest of Kavita, the woman who sold the sites, police are yet to take action. A police officer interrogating her, said to us, “Sir, this is not fraud case. Kavita is saying that she did what both those companies were stressing ever since they were putting their television ads. She even stated examples like, Quikr says ‘No fikar, bech Quikr’ which directly means ‘Do not worry and sell Quikr’. Also, Olx ads says ‘Olx bech de’, which means ‘Sell Olx’. She is logically right as she continues to say that ‘both these sites stressed everyone to sell them, but actually people ended up selling other stuffs online’. We are yet to book a fraud case on her, as we cannot yet find any legal problems in this act of her.” However, an interview request with Kavita was denied by the police.

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