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WHO reports massive illness outbreak in Indian corporate sector on erstwhile Muhurram holiday

16, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The World Health Organization has come out with a disease alert specifically for the Indian corporate sector for Thursday 14th November 2013. The organization noted that an incredible number of corporate sector employees fell temporarily sick on Thursday- which was originally supposed to be the holiday for Muhurram.

Muharram being celebrarted with joy and happiness across India.
Muharram being celebrarted with joy and happiness across India.

Almost all HR Managers Faking News tried to reach out to were on holiday themselves, citing illnesses ranging from cough & cold to the impact of the gravitational pull of the Muhurram moon impacting their delicate health balance. A single HR person found working for XYZ Consultants who was reachable, blamed the Indian government for arbitrarily shifting the holiday at short notice, causing long weekend plans of employees to fall into disarray. “They should try such tricks with other communal festivals like Diwali and Holi otherwise secular people wont spare them,” the HR said.

“I myself had planned to go to Lonavala on the day,” the manager who was reachable said, “But now I am (cough cough) sick because of the Muhurram moon is in effect and forced to be working from home.”