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Water price disturbs milk price in India: Research

08, Jul 2014 By rishikrantik

Amul India finally decided to announce growth of production for milk without serving the cow/buffalo, and says that the milk will be produced whenever water will be available in the world.

“We are also innovating the power of milk production from vapor but this research is going on later we will innovate the production milk from urine so at last we will recycle the goods and things which we needs in regular life,” a press release from Amul read.

Writing on the wall

“We are developing also topmost production cow which will store milk and produce milk as per requirement. Government of Murkhistan is also inspiring us to get support in the field of butter milk which will be recycled and reorganized in the form of milk so in future Amul will produce approx 90.0126254898735637826% milk of India.”

The milk production growth is rising day by day in Amul and general people are claiming Amul is not procuring milk from cow holder so they are just making milk from milk powder.

One Pappu, who is researching on production of milk, said, “milk production is declining because of hygienic food of cow food and claiming that food is now junk for all category more cattle are using oily food and having alcohol with food.”

For knowing the actual fact our team visited to Amul Farm in Anand we ask comments from production accelerator manager of Amul and they said, “We are giant in production of milk and we are not measuring the people view how much is it fact of false. But now in future we are also produce direct butter and curd from Cows/buffaloes”.

But all the facts have shown that people are growing and replacing milk from alcohol and soda.