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Wal-Mart all set to sell rains in Cherrapunji

19, Feb 2013 By fakernovice

After the assurance given by the Indian Commerce and Industry Ministry to hand hold them for their entry into the Indian market, retail giant Wal-Mart is all set to make hay while the sun shines in Cherrapunji, the once wettest place in India.

During his interview to Faking News, Doug McMillon, CEO Wal-Mart International confirmed that his company was planning to set up a store at Sohra to sell rainfall at lower costs such that people at all levels of income can afford water in their households.

“We are grateful to the Congress Government and especially to Chief Minister Mr. Mukul Sangma for their prolonged co-operation. The moment I spoke with him about the plan couple of years ago, he promised to welcome me to his state with dry taps and empty buckets. If not for him, the long queues for water would not have been possible. Never could we have had such a customer base for our product,” spoke a cheerful Mr. McMillion to Faking News.

The deforested forests and cleaved hills in the surrounding had already paved huge open lands to the business. Reports say that the retail firm has also acquired land from a hotel-turned-resort, Cherra-Punji Holiday Resort, which had to sell its property because of lack of business, “With the place turning dry in winters and summers running longer, the number of visitors and hence my business has gone down beyond imagination.” says Manora Symlieh, the owner of Cherra-Punji Holiday Resort.