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Wait List train tickets converted to air tickets is a conspiracy, claims an expert

16, Jun 2015 By dipin

NEW DELHI: Passengers have been in a frenzy since the railway announced their scheme to convert waitlisted tickets to air tickets. Many have been deliberately looking to get  WL tickets. Media has been going berserk about this too good to be true story.Railways had suddenly become the messiah of every Indian traveler.This had to be the “51st shade of gray”.

Just as we started to suspect that there was no pun intended, a protagonist  has come forward with a rather convincing but agitating theory or rather we must say “a conspiracy theory”.

We were able to get a hold of him outside his psychiatrist’s office. He agreed for an interview after we promised complete anonymity. Wearing a muffler in the scorching Delhi heat, he said,

“All this is a scheme of government to fill their coffers. I salute the man who gave birth to such a shrewd tactic. Just have a look-

As more and more WL tickets are transferred to airplane tickets, more people will be able to commute by airplanes and the crowd in trains will reduce. More people will get seats in trains and commute comfortably, and no one will be left hanging out the door and cramped in front of toilets. This way same trains which were earlier carrying, say, 2000 passengers will now only be carrying 1200 passengers. This is a direct wastage of taxes collected from common man. Also, we are moving away from our old traditions by doing so. Tradition of being pushed around in bogeys, cancelling our plans at last moments, praying for ticket confirmations and all. This way many people will move away from their culture and their religion. We need to protest against this treacherous decision.”

He further goes on to add,

“As if wasting so much money was not enough, government is trying to siphon even more money from the incredulous public by making them pay for the airplane tickets, albeit less than the normal prize. Aam aadmi won’t be able to resist such lucrative offer and will fall prey to this well concealed scheme. Had common people been able to pay for the airplane tickets, why would they go for trains anyway. I don’t think our railways have achieved such ludicrous standards. Aam aadmi can’t even afford airport food, let alone airplane ride.

So we will be paying more, losing our ethical beliefs, our hard earned money will be wasted, and what is in it for us? Nothing but the headache of spending more as the children get to know about the offer and they won’t budge for a train then. Way to go money lechers!!”

He called for the activists to come forward and take the initiative so that common man does not feel cheated. As of now, Ramlila Maidan is still up for grabs to hold the protests. It has not seen much action since 2012 , but things may well turn around now.

One such initiative has been taken by Confirmtkt.com, which predicts the chances of ticket confirmation. They have decided to post a link to this theory on lower left corner of their page. Also , they changed the “no chance of confirmation” option to “ chance for air travel” on their site, to make best possible of the opportunity!