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Vodafone claims customer service will get worse after India scraps talks on tax dispute

12, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: In response to tax reconciliation talks with the Indian government over tax dues of $2.6 billion breaking down, Vodafone has claimed that its customer service will only go further downhill if it is made to pay these dues.

Hard times

The dispute has been going on for more than five years with several rounds of discussion already having taken place between the Indian government and representatives from Vodafone.

“A recent survey showed us that Vodafone customer service agents are the dumbest in the country, even worse than BSNL,” a spokesperson for the company said.

“If we have to pay this much money, we will fire all our current staff and hire the dumbest possible customer service agents at really low pays. Most of the time they will just say ‘Hello, hello? I can’t hear your voice.’ The other half of the time, they will just sit and breathe heavily into the phone or count from one to hundred in loop, while the customer shouts at them angrily.”

“Eventually, we might even take a leaf out of the ruling national party’s book and release Telecom Nirman ads,” the man added, “while effectively doing nothing for the telecom sector or the country.”