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Vijay Mallya's net worth skyrocketed due to post dry day heavy liquor sale

17, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Shares of Vijay Mallya led United Breweries Group have rallied up to 10% after huge liquor sale on 16th August. Reason behind this sudden surge in sale is the fact that 15th was a dry day.

Long queue outside a liquor shop in Delhi.
Long queue outside a liquor shop in Delhi.

People standing in a long queues outside the liquor shops and overcrowded pubs were common scenes across whole country. At some places even police had to interfere in order to control crowd.

“Although we had large stock of beer but were running short of chilled ones because of limited cooling capacity. But still people were buying those not so chilled beer who on normal days refuse to take them, such was the madness,” said a liquor shop owner recalling yesterday gold rush, “Level of happiness on their face was like 16th was Independence day not 15th.”

“It’s celebration time,” cheered Vijay Mallya while announcing a free Kingfisher strong beer for all stranded employees of kingfisher Airlines. After that he left for an unknown holiday destination with promise to be visible again on 3rd of October, means a day after another dry day.

These days Mr. Mallya prefers comparatively cheap holiday spots as he is under huge debts of banks. Probably that’s why he is not declaring his holiday destinations since his last few visits.

After news of sudden rise in Vijay Mallya’s worth broke out, consortium of banks which are after him for recovering debts also came into action and are planning to tap most out of it.

If sources are to be believed, feared of getting looted by banks Mallya has cashed all his 16th August sales profit and is on way to hide it at one of his undisclosed holiday spot.