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Vijay Mallya to buy Mt. Everest

05, Aug 2014 By gandu123
On one hand when a huge conflict is going on between Laxmi Mittal and British locals regarding the bid for Blencathra mountain by the steel giant, our own Vijay Mallya is planning to bid for Mt. Everest for his own brewery on the other.
Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the earth, whose most parts are full of heavy snow, is located at Nepal, the friendliest neighbor of India. Mallya wants to open a brewery there so that they can directly supply chilled beer. His brewery is likely to be located near Everest base camp in Nepal whereas some stalls will be opened throughout all the popular paths of climbing Everest.

Vijay Mallya
Off to Mt Everest with his daughters

In micro-blogging site twitter, Mallya tweeted he always felt bad for the mountaineers that they have to travel long way up to the highest peak in the earth without having any kind of refreshments. Even after achieving one of the biggest feet, they hardly have anything to celebrate with. Mallya assured that in every 2 km a stall will be opened to supply beer. However he also mentioned it won’t be possible for them to provide beer cheaper than petrol unless some subsidies are provided.
Most of the marketing strategists are hopeful with Mallya’s decision. Famous marketing guru Suhel Sett tweeted: “Mallya’s idea is like my hair. Unconventional yet wonderful!”. Some are saying Mallya’s idea is brilliantly timed as starting from Nepali politicians to locals, all are already very happy with Pope Modi’s visit $1 billion line of credit that they will happily accept Mallya’s offer.
Mountaineers are also happy with this initiative though some Australian mountaineer questioned the quality of the particular brand. However, some Nepali sherpa guides are concerned with the euphoria that can cause after having large amount of alcohol after winning the peak.
Now it is important to see how the king of good times, already famous for appointing most gorgeous air-hostess in his airlines and best cheerleaders for his IPL team, designs his marketing strategy. Some jealous people mocked that his plan is going to perform like last season’s Mohunbagan in I-league or RCB in IPL-2014, both teams owned by him to mention.
Mallya is yet to formally bid for the mountain. However it is estimated that the cost is going to be around $4.20 million. This initiative of Mallya can seriously push the urban drinkers to have an awesome experience at the top of the world.