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Vijay Mallya fails to sell his sun-glasses to save Kingfisher airlines

27, Sep 2012 By sumitnegi

In a shocking bizarre to Vijay Mallya, the King of good times, the bidders refused to auction for his sun-glasses at an auction held at ‘Antiquorum auctioneers’ in USA. This is the same auction company from where Vijay Mallya had bought Gandhiji’s iconic items including his glasses, sandals, pocket watch, plate and a bowl in an auction.

Coming over the shock, Mallya agreed to give an interview to ‘Faking News’ on the condition of anonymity. ‘Faking News’ has kept it’s promise of anonymity by not telling the reporter’s name. Here are some excerpts from the interview which reveals the pain, sorrow & frustration of a King who is being rejected by people.

F.N. – Is it true that you tried to auction your own sun-glasses?

Mallya – Yes, I was feeling up very proud to get my belongings to be auctioned.

F.N. – What was the need for auctioning it?

Mallya – It’s a long story. I was running my liquor business very well. Then one day, when I was high on some beer, I thought of having my own airlines for flying higher. But till the time I started, people were already feeling comfortable inside those bloody little cages called as low cost airlines. First, I had to buy planes to start the airline, then I had to spend money again to buy those low cost airlines to get me some passengers. And see, then these people stopped flying & started travelling again with train citing the high prices. Damn with that IRCTC!

F.N. – But wasn’t it like that these were the common people who started flying because of low cost only. But they felt cheated when these airlines were bought by you & a higher price was quoted for the same experience?

Mallya – No, in fact it was me on the receiving end. I feel completely cheated by those flyers who wanted to fly like kings but are not ready to spend like kings. How will I manage to enjoy my nights with those air-hostesses if all they do is keep complaining about not getting the salary whole night? Even my son’s girlfriend has left him. (sobs for a little)

So, I thought of selling up my sun-glasses so that I could give them their salaries. It is not for me, it is done for my country’s people who are not getting their salaries.

F.N. – I can understand sir. Anyways, how much price tag you were putting up for your sun-glasses?

Mallya – I quoted 50 Million Dollars to start the auction. It was a fair price for a King’s sun-glasses. Specially when people know that these sun-glasses were accompanying me inside all the hotels with those beautiful ladies called air-hostesses.

F.N. – But you yourself had bought Gandhiji’s glasses at just 1.8 million dollars. How could you expect so much high price for yours?

Mallya – Gandhiji’s glasses are the things which I have to wear after my sun-glasses are sold. If I get my eyes weak due to that, who else has to take care of that? So, I demanded extra money for it. Also, I have to take care of my F1 team & IPL team who are giving me losses even though I unite all IPL teams by giving them free beers.

F.N. –  We have heard that there was only one bidder for those sun-glasses. Can you tell us the name & the bid amount by that bidder?

Mallya – Yes! there was one bidder. Some girl named as Deepika. But, I don’t know why she wants to buy my sun-glasses just at 10 Rs. She thinks that because of my cash-stripped status, I had bought these sun-glasses from Anil Kumble circle red light.

F.N. – Thanks a lot sir for giving us this exclusive interview.

Mallya –  Thanks to you, in fact! These days nobody listens to me when I say that I am selling something. Take my airline for example. Through your esteemed magazine, I would like to announce once again that it is for sale.

And it would be better if you pay the price for the beer which you had during the interview. I have stopped giving free beers now. Hope you won’t mind.