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Venture Capitalism Trending In Red Corridor

16, Oct 2012 By idiot420

A recent intelligence report regarding new ways of Maoists infiltration in government machinery has sent shock waves across the whole nation. In a report submitted to home ministry IB has stated that Maoists groups are following the concept of venture capitalism for extending their reach and to upgrade the organisation power to next level.

Venture capitalism is very popular across the corporate domains of world where a group of financiers provide capital support to budding startups if they find worth it . Once the startups succeed they get higher returns to their investment. Following the same concept Maoists have created a venture capitalist cell for each district and allotted a fix annual funds.

The local members of the cell will always look for budding politicians and students preparing for civil services who don’t have proper funding to fulfill their dreams but are capable of achieving . Funds are provided to them once they agree for signing some contracts and a non disclosure agreement (NDA). Now these contracts and NDA is the most interesting part of the whole story. Some important point of the agreement are noted below:

  • Provide a fix annual fund to Maoists group (amount will be decided by the Maoists manual depending the position hold by the concerned person at that point of time).
  • To get kidnapped at least once within first 5 years of holding the first important position so that Maoist groups can trade them off with government in exchange of cash or fellow Maoists prisoners .
  • Disclosing the whole deal to anybody,family or outsiders will be punishable to death according to Maoists manual .

So the whole idea seems to be quite well planned,lets see whether the concept can create the same magic in the Red Valley as it created in Silicon Valley .