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USD rate falling, Indian Govt stops onsite visit of IT engineers

24, Aug 2013 By mastitem

New Delhi. With the falling Rupee value against USD and other strong currencies, Indian Government has made a strong pitch to the US Govt to abolish Indian quota in the yearly H1B scheme.

A similar request has been forwarded to UK and other country’s Government where IT engineer used to go on onsite visits. US Govt has countered this request with the point that H1B fees are a very major chunk of their GDP and stopping this would hit their GDP forecasts.

Furthermore this is also a good diversion for their embassy officers to read through applicant’s life history , ask awkward questions and derive sadist pleasure.

There have been very passionate responses to this article from Bangalore, Hydrabad, Chennai , Pune. MVSP Reddy, a software professional in Hyderabad has lamented “I purchased a penthouse in Banjara Hills and was relying on a couple of quick onsite trips to pay for the false ceiling and furnishing but this ruling has really thrown my plans in jeopardy.”

Ram Singh , an IT professional in Chennai cried ” the only reason I was putting up with Chennai and oil smeared roti of my office cafeteria was the hope of H1B visa so that I could go and enjoy in Las Vegas. Now it seems that I will be able to enjoy this only in my native Azamgarh”.

Taking note of this development, Apple has reduced the shipment of iPhone / iPad to US. An official spokesman quoted ” majority of our buyers were Indians coming on B1 an H1B visa. Now that the number is reduced, we have to rethink on our supply side logistics”.

Planning Commission has expressed hope that by stopping this flux of professionals going to US , the exchange rate would fall down to 1 INR = 1USD. Normal Indian diet would then fall to INR 2/day.

On a different note Prem Khurana, an IT professional based in Delhi commented ” I have always believed in hedging my income risks. Majority of my financial commitment is satisfied with the real estate work I do in office time. These temporary spurts don’t bother me. Infact this INR depression will boost my business as more NRIs will pump in money in Real Estate”