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TV Channel reports highest income from the advertisements on educational institutions

04, May 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A popular TV channel had announced highest income from the advertisements on educational institutions, in the last quarterly financial reports. A whopping 40% share on advertisement revenue was from the educational institutions, the press release from the TV channel read.

“We generate the maximum revenue from the advertisements. During the last quarter, the % share from the educational institutions has been very high and calculated at 40%. That is not including the premier educational institute IIN in the mix”, the ironically titled media contact of the channel revealed to Faking News.

Idea Internet Network
One of the leading advertisers

When FN asked about the daunting question of why educational institutions, which are not business houses, would need advertising, the channel guy smiled broadly, “To start with, educational institutions are business houses. Currently in India, every business is measured by the success of their advertisements – Facebook likes, YouTube views, number of Tweets and the TRP on primetime TV relay. Who would otherwise join institutions starting with AMs and ending with PMs?”

“Do you know that, even in some elementary schools, the appointment letter sent to principal of the school bears the title ‘Chief executive officer’? Also, the pay actually is equivalent to that of a CEO of a corporate house. The CEO then goes on to design everything to generate maximum profit for the management of the school. If the students get lucky, good education may also be reaped as a by-product.

It is almost like a casino, you know. The house always wins and takes the money home. If the gamble put forth by the parents and students on education pays off, then they should consider themselves lucky. You know what? A school actually came up with an advertising campaign, ‘Feeling lucky?’ which was later turned down by us, in a rare occurrence of a TV channel rejecting to telecast an advertisement, however silly it might actually be!”, the channel concluded to FN which is now considering to publish more articles on ‘education as business’ and getting them sponsored by private schools, colleges and universities.