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Toyota sues Maruti over design of Ertiga

05, Sep 2013 By Derrick Dsouza

Faking news received a call and was asked to come at the Delhi head office of Toyota India to report a exclusive news story.

After we reached and had some formal discussion, the infuriated manager said vociferously, “even a kid can tell that the Ertiga is a blatant copy of the Innova model” and also added, “even a blind guy can guess it right.”

The faking news team was taken to a place where both the cars were kept and we were shocked, “they lack creativity and that clearly shows,” the fumed manager said.

Asked whether Anu Malik or Pritam Chakraborty was behind the patent violation he replied negatively, “I cant confidently blame them but due to their infamous plagiarism in the past their role should also be probed.”

On asking what measures they have taken he said, “We have sent a legal notice to the head office of Maruti Suzuki and have demanded a reply within a week.” He also added, “We would consider not going to the court if the Maruti officials are ready to publicly apologize and quell their car production or else they already know what consequence Samsung had to face when they were sued by apple.”

To report this matter further we went to the office of Maruti Suzuki and had a brief chat with the company’s MD. The MD in his statement said, “These allegations are completely repulsive and futile. It’s simply a publicity stunt to tarnish the image of the most reputed car brand.”

But when we said that the cars had strikingly similarity he jokingly replied, “In that case somebody should sue zarine khan’s parents for patently designing her similar to katrina kaif or KRK’s parents for making him look similar to a chimpanzee.”

On asking whether they received a notice he nodded positively but concluded, “I hope they know how the Indian justice system works.”

On asking whether they are poignant and would the management apologize, he gave a witty retort, “even after openly plagiarizing several movies have you seen Mahesh bhatt apologizing? no na? so there no point at all.”

Maruti officials were kind enough to drop as back to our office in their Ertiga.