Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Tomato price hike fumes housewives

25, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The Housewives’ face unexpectedly turned red by the massive upsurge in the rate of the tomatoes in the vegetable markets. They are very angry with this trend. They are overheard saying of misbalance in the accounts as a result of the price rise. It is within a few days the rates have gone up so swiftly. The dealers relate it with hot and humid conditions hampering the influx of fresh stock into the vegetable stockists. The rate began to show dangerous drift after Thursday.

It has also been made clear that the prices will not come down in days to come. If we study the graph of increasing price of the tomatoes, we will find how the rate started augmenting between June 20 and June 24. This is not the first time the tomato has shown such improper irate increase. A few housewives have been satisfied with no tomato policy while others have opted for one or two tomatoes formula. Some disgruntled housewives have stopped its usage completely. But the moot question is what are the state government’s authorities exactly doing to put control on this abnormal tendency?

The fuming housewives are cursing the responsible agencies for this persisting problem. They are raising demand for some strong steps against the hoarders. It is they who remain accountable for this kind of adverse situation. The produce was in surplus but gradual decrease in yield is said to be a cause of this situation. But how can surplus produce of tomatoes be short at the time of wedding season and festivals? What was being sold at rupees ten a kilogramme has increased six fold? Changing colour of a very important ingredient changes the mood of every resident. There is strong need to make a drive against those who are responsible for the undesirable position.