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Thousands of couples rush to the court to sue Matrimonial sites and columns for failed marriages

05, Jun 2015 By akanksha

Couples, mostly those married for 2 years or more, are flocking to the courts in large numbers to get compensation and to be in news.

As the news of legal action being taken against Big B, Mad Dix and Pre Zin came out, the couples who had been dealing with failed marriages mustered the courage to move court against all those Matrimonial columns in The Mimes of India and Hindustan Mimes, as well as sites like and, as they feel cheated and bamboozled by them.

The fair girl was only fair compared to her 3 dark-as-night brothers. The tall guy was tall, only in comparison to the nephews and nieces studying in play school. The reputed family was only reputed in their fake Facebook profile. The highly educated clause meant that the primary classes had been cleared standing high on the bench. The soft spoken was pure fiction.

A man has filed a case against his distant mamiji’s sister’s neighbour, who had played a role in match fixing – not cricket, shaadi wala match for him. Priests of various temples who played an active role in finding alliance for marriageable girls and boys, have also been reported absconding.

Hundreds of men and women, with depression and other psychological disorders, are waiting for a hearing leading to legal action against these life-ruining Matrimonial sites and columns.