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The success story of a benched engineer who quit his MNC job to open coffee-machine repair shop

26, Jun 2014 By Animesh Thakur

Munesh Babu Das, an Electrical Engineering graduate from one of the top-notch engineering schools of India, is a budding entrepreneur.

Coming from a small town in Rajasthan, Jhunjhunu, Munesh dreamt of becoming an engineer since he was kid.  His parents were elated when they came to know that he had cracked the toughest exam of India, the IIT-JEE. Munesh had crossed one of the hurdles. This was back in 2009.

Coffee machine
Inspiring many.

Munesh took up Electrical Engineering at Indian College of Tech-no-logic, Delhi. After fours years of sleepless nights, clearing backlog papers, singlehood and day-dreaming, Munesh passed out of college in 2013 with a job offer from TCX.

After joining TCX, MBD (as he is popularly known among his friends and colleagues) was posted in the headquarters in Bangalore, where, he claims, he discovered his hidden talents. While he was benched, he spent most of his time near coffee machines in the cafeteria.

One day, while MBD was sipping his coffee after reaching office, he heard some commotion near the coffee machine. After making his way through the crowd that had assembled around the machine, he found that the machine had broken down.

The time had come to show off some of his engineering skills to the IT slaves. MBD swiftly pulled his sleeves up and put the machine on the floor and started repairing it. After a few minutes of cleaning different parts and replacing some burnt wires, he put the machine back in its place. In a bid to impress one of his female colleagues, Moumita, MBD asked her to press the button and check if the machine is working again. She smiled at him and nervously pressed the Espresso button. The machine made its usually sounds and served her a cup of Espresso. The crowd was exhilarated and thanked MBD for repairing the machine.

MBD recalls, “That was when I realised I had hidden talents and I am thankful to TCX that it gave me a chance to discover those by benching me.”

MBD quit his job after giving a month’s notice to his employer and opened a coffee-machine repair shop in Koramangala, Bangalore. As on date, MBD has almost all the top IT companies of Bangalore in his clientele and earns more than what he used to earn when he was employed by TCX.

When asked about his expansion plans, MBD reveals that he has plans of entering into printer/photocopy machine repair market by the end of 2014 and is also targeting to recruit fresh graduates from this year.

The success story of MBD has inspired many of his colleagues who are willing to join his start-up.

A down-to-earth MBD is also writing a book on his successful business which is slated for release in January, 2015.