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The real reason why TCS announced bonus for its employees

18, Apr 2015 By priyank12

Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) declared a one-time bonus to its employees to mark its 10 years as publicly listed company.

“Celebration of 10 years as a listing company is not a reason for declaring a bonus,” said Gopa Kumar, one of the employee of TCS. On further inquiry by our reporter with Gopa Kumar, he added that “I had written a mail to N Bandra (CEO & MD of TCS) and that’s the reason the company has declared a bonus.”

On asking the copy of mail by our reporter, Gopa Kumar has produced an extract of mail which read as under:

“Dear Mr. CEO, this is on behalf of your three lacs TCSers. We got your message for giving up a LPG subsidy and its good to hear that you have already given up yours. But asking us to join #Giveitup movement is like asking us to sacrifice one of our basic necessities. First of all your company pays us peanuts and now you are asking us to share peanuts with the government. So that our LPG subsidies can finance honorable PM’s foreign trip. The salary of IIN engineer is much more than what we are getting paid and further adding to all this your company has never paid a bonus to us.”

So is this a true reason for declaring bonus by TCS. This is big question mark and our reporters are still into further inquiry.