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Tendulkar and Ashutosh combine to take away DDA flats

21, Sep 2014 By khakshar

Delhi Development Authority and Delhi Police are at logger heads . DDA is contemplating filing of FIR of 1600 missing employees which it came to know just yesterday. A biometric registration was planned for staff of DDA and nearly 2200 did not report for Ghosts providing finger prints. Further inquiry confirmed that the rest were dead or had retired.

“You aar Mudi agent”

Further study will reveal that many of these ghost employees have been drawing their salary regularly. Some have been allotted DDA flats too under quota fixed for employees. Names like Sachin Tendulkar , Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Maria Sharapova have been found in the Muster Roll of employees of DDA.  “As our offices and parks are located in far-flung areas also and as you know how DTC runs , some employees may not have been able to get themselves registered on the database,” said the database manager. He also gave an example of an  employee named Bilawal who was updating his movement status regularly by Mails. Bilawal had reached Kashmiri Gate yesterday.

After hearing the news AAP is contemplating Delhi wide protest against DDA.

Ashutosh, one of the umpteenth spokesperson of the Party had been investigate DDA from long. He tweeted, “Delhi land has been grabbed by DDA and I will expose it  and  shove it “. Of course he must have meant “show instead of shove”.

He has indicated checking of the Muster Roll if DDA from February ‘2014 , when he started checking with letter “A” . He recently indicated that the checking is completed by showing “Y”..