Sunday, 22nd April, 2018

Techie files an RTI to know why IT companies hire CAs and MBAs

18, Apr 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. The silicon valley of India, which is habitat for large number of engineers, has also started accommodating CAs and MBAs as well. Citing it as a rarest of rare phenomenon, Mr. Googal Datta, an Engineer as well as a full time member of Berozgar Engineer Association of India, has filed an RTI to find out what the people of other community are doing in the city of engineers.

Aggrieved Mr.Googal, looking oustdie the windows (just as shown in Bollywood movies), on his way back home after filing RTI.

“Multi-billion dollar IT organisations like Outfosys, Aquapuncture and Sannata Consultancy Services are on a hiring spree to recruit CAs and MBAs,” said confused Googal who is still searching his own website to get satisfactory answer to this unanswerable question.

“I tried to get answers from Ranbir Kapoor’s endorsed AskMe android application, but that is also a failure like some of movies such as Sawariyaan and Besharam,” said Googal.

Showing his anger on the people of other caste and calling them ‘Intruders’, Googal said, “We are on bench since last six months and these people expect that they will get a project immediately after joining the company. Our management knows well that we join such organisations so that we can get sufficient time for preparing CAT, but still I can’t understand why they keep on hiring MBAs and why can’t they wait for two more years till the time we become MBA as well.”

Not only this, Googal also started pulling out his hair and beating his head against the wall when he came to know that CAs and MBAs are paid almost the double amount of salary than engineers for doing the same task of sitting idle.

Keeping his faith on Government machinery, he approached to CID, which is famous for solving unbelievable mystery cases and has only one Qualis since its inception. But this also couldn’t help him as they also refused to go for this case which prima-facie seemed very complex and complicated to them.

“We don’t take those cases in which no physical strength of Daya is utilised,” said ACP Khadoosman justifying his stance in order to save himself from any humiliation. Thus, the disappointed Googal Datta had to take the extreme step of filing an RTI to “Abki baar Bhakton ki Sarkaar”.

In order to get the first hand information, our reporters also tried to ask to CAs and MBAs to know what exactly they were doing in IT companies. “They themselves were not able to answer and gave confused expressions when we asked them this question”, said an Engineer turned Reporter.

We seriously hope that Mr. Googal Datta gets the reply from ministry before IT industry gets flooded with people other than engineers and expect Chartered Accountants Association of India and Indian MBA Association to start ‘Ghar Wapsi’ program so that their members work only in Financial Consultancy field.