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Tech companies to outsource sense of humor

03, Apr 2016 By @dinesh_JM

searching for outsourcing the best sense of humour
searching for outsourcing the best sense of humour

A new trend is sweeping the tech world: After epic failure of April fool pranks by large tech companies, now they are looking to outsource sense of humor.

Sales teams are already on run to get the contracts from the same. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Vice President Mr. Dukhi Nath said, “We are setting up a special division to cater to our clients needs. TCS is pioneer in the field & have set up R&D facility immediately after the announcement. We know that this has a lot of potential & expect to get 12% of our revenue to be generated from this new segment”.

Flipkart on the other hand mentioned that it would celebrate it’s own Big Prank Day.

Google which has bagged “Pathetic Prank of the Year” award, mentioned that it would set up a crowd sourcing campaign to get people to contribute for next years prank.