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TCS to acquire Sulabh International chain of toilets

19, Aug 2014 By zhootareportor

For all those who thought that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been deeply inspired by the speech given by the Prime Minister on 15th August and hence decided to fund Rs. 100 crores to build toilets across country, it is time to rethink. Hidden agenda of TCS has just come out in open.

Sources belief that it is a well thought strategy of technology giant to diversifying fearing the slowdown that may hit the company like it hit Infosys sometime back. Fearing loss of revenue, the company has decided to diversify in an unexpected area but has ensured that even in the worst case scenario of recession, this business continues to generate cash flows for TCS. Some of the board members have been able to impress upon the CEO that even in the worst recession scenario, the urge to respond to nature’s call does not decrease. In fact, it increases.

TCS is in in fact working on diversifying into public service space and hence as per sources it is in talks with Sulabh International to acquire the famous social service organization which owns the largest chain of loos across country. As per very reliable sources TCS has appointed J.P. Morgan and HSBC, as two investment bankers, to analyse the business model of Sulabh International. BOA Merill Lynch which has shown its interest to be the underwriter has been left out. Mr. Pathak who pioneered this concept, feels market capitalization of Sulabh International should be not less than TCS as Sulabh runs the most ethical and relieving business in India.

It is believed that TCS has asked its best brains to work on full automation of loos and link the program to AADHAR card. It has always spoken to Modi government asking to link the project to the direct cash benefit in event of usage of these loos by more than 10 times by a person in a single day. The entire project of access of loos is being linked to retina scanning and finger prints. This is in order to ensure there is an exact count of visitors accessing loos.

Dr. Harshvardhan has gone one step ahead and stated that these newly built hi-tech loos can be used to test the current trend in Kidney failures which will ensure that we build healthy India. But this is not all, people are sensing solution to energy problem of India in this. Further details are awaited.