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Tata to launch an auto after Tata Nano's success

13, Sep 2013 By abhigk

Mumbai. After Tata Nano’s runaway success, Cyrus Mistry has taken a leap further to revolutionize the automobile industry. Sources told to faking news that after almost a year of brainstorming, Deepak Mehta an unemployed engineer has come up with this indigenous idea of 3000 rupees auto. In order to give wings to this idea, Tata motors has deployed a research team of 7 Engineers, all believed to be Deepak’s friends from Rahul Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Bio-sciences. A hurried press conference held today at Tata motors has revealed that this special auto is a one wheeler vehicle priced at Rs. 3230/- on road!

This iconic mono-wheel has already started creating waves in Flipkart and ebay which are planning to provide cash on delivery for the same vehicle. The auto is decided to be named after Narendra Modi i.e Tata modi. Digvijay sing has strongly condemned this move, proclaiming a hidden conspiracy of BJP in promoting Narendra Modi as Prime ministerial candidate. In a brief discussion with Cyrus Mistry about this upcoming Engineering Miracle, he went on to explain how a common man can beat the rise in Petrol prices by just pulling the Vehicle by hands. A high end version of this model is believed to have peddling, pushing and pulling actions to roll this vehicle on road. Basically, one has to sit comfortably and roll on the road like a road roller, he said.

Small farmers like Robert Vadra in UP and Haryana are eager to try this dream vehicle which can help them plough the land by installing simple accessories on it. Delhi women association is happy that this vehicle will be 100% crime free against women as there are no tinted glasses or any other shield to hide the passengers inside. Bangalore Metro Transit Corporation (BMTC) has welcomed this move as every Software engineer would eventually drive this and help ease traffic in peak hours. Raghuram Rajan has expressed confidence in this project which could help rupee to bounce back and pump investors’ money into the struggling economy. Amitabh Bachchan has expressed his delight over twitter as “Major breakthrough to drive in Mumbai rains is on the way…!”

The vehicle will be launched on November 8th 2013 which marks L K Advani’s 86th birthday, co-incidentally the mileage given by the auto. Tata motors will be rolling out 4 lakh vehicles by early January next year from its Sanand plant in Gujrat, Advani refused to comment on this as he was not keeping well. Bajaj auto, the auto rickshaw major in India has all the plans to slash its prices in this segment to combat Tata modi autos.The vehicle is open for pre-booking on several e-commerce sites and available in easy installments of 36 months to 60 months, available in pink and saffron colors.