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Tarun Tejpal chosen brand ambassador for new range of hair colour Fifty shades of grey

02, Dec 2013 By Nitin Gaurav Srivastava

Goa: In a press conference held inside the indigo flight 6E-335 , It was announced that Tarun Tejpal has been chosen the brand ambassador for a new range of hair colour called 50 shades of grey.

The reporters couldn’t talk to Tejpal on the occasion but caught hold of Shoma Chowdhary who said “I got to know about this just three days ago and it is very pleasant to hear that the new range of hair colour launched exclusively for people of younger age has chosen 50 years old, Tarun as its brand ambassador”, She added that Tejpal’s hairstyle and grey beard has become a  style statement for the youngsters. Later she was seen confronting Tarun angrily for some reason.

Tarun Tejpal for 50 shades of grey

The product manager of 50 shades of grey confirmed that considering his age, haircolour and actions Tarun was an obvious choice for this product. ”We are however fighting a litigation suit by E.L James regarding the name of the product but it will be sorted out soon”, he added.

The product is all set to be launched first in Goa in the presence of Tarun Tejpal, Asharam Bapu and a retired SC Judge. Reports say that Tarun Tejpal will inaugurate the ceremony by coloring his ponytail. The sources reveal that Asharam’s name was also considered in the beginning but the committee unanimously forwarded Tejpal’s name as its brand ambassador. Asharam is however now being considered for  its second range “72 shades darker” to be launched next year.