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Swapping indicators and other revolutionary features for 'Ladies Only' cars

05, Jul 2014 By fakebond

Detroit/Pune: In a surprising but much awaited move, major car manufacturers have finally decided to bite the bullet.

Woman Driver
A must buy for her.

In a news that would be music to all the male drivers in the world, all major car manufacturers have just announced during the Detroit Motor Show that they would be manufacturing ‘Ladies Only’ cars for today’s empowered, truly global and super ambitious women. This is also seen as an ode to the supreme driving skills of women across the world.

This unique car would be designed keeping in mind the sensibilities of a woman driver and overall traffic safety on roads in general.

It would have the following features:

1. Apart from the two mirrors on the side and one rear view mirror in the centre, it would also have one make up mirror at the centre of the steering wheel. This is to ensure that they can keep seeing their face in that mirror every 15 secs and don’t feel the need to take the make-up kit out from their purse/bag. This would also help them to see more on the road rather than inside the car. There would also be one option to remove all the existing mirrors as they are not anyways used by women while driving.

2. It would also come up with a robotic arm towards the driver’s seat with a mobile phone holder. Since majority of women talk on their phones while driving, this would ensure their arms are relaxed and they can continuously talk while driving. After all, comfort is supreme for our women customers.

3. The biggest of all features is to swap the indicators: This was due for a long time now and has been made possible due to relentless lobbying by men organizations and NGO’s worldwide. This single feature would reduce accidents by a whopping 50% – screamed a study by a top automobile industry watchdog and supported by many governments in various countries. This feature would ensure that when the female driver wants to turn right, she usually presses the left indicator but now with this new feature, terrified vehicles behind such cars would actually see the right indicator and the icing on the cake would be when the car actually turns right! Faith in the humanity will be restored.

“This is a god send feature, much more revolutionary than the iPods and iPhones of the world. Have you heard of any such product or feature that has impacted more than half the population of the world?” was all an extremely ecstatic male driver could say to Faking News before he passed out into a self-induced state of happiness.

The global motor association in its press release further announced that such cars would have distinct mark on all the four sides so that humanity from all angles can be alerted and they can correctly identify such cars and drive past them without any fear or shock. Other temporary feature includes sticker at the back indicating ‘Beware, Driver is a woman’.

After this announcement, pressure is already building up to get this revolutionary feature in two-wheelers as well.