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Sudden appreciation from client claims life of two ad executives

05, Dec 2013 By akshaybk

In a devastating event, two senior advertising executives died after the clients they were working with sent appreciation letters.

Sudden appreciation by client is injurious to health.
Sudden appreciation by client is injurious to health.

Unable to make sense of the positive words in an email, Sammy Orrisawala, senior manager at a renowned agency showed the email to his senior Hakim Faridabadi. On realizing it was an appreciation letter Sammy & Hakim suffered a cardiac arrest at the agency office itself. Sammy passed away near the coffee machine whereas Hakim was rushed to hospital and was pronounced dead by EOD.

The agency has a list of high-flying clients and sources claim its staff have never dealt with such kind of correspondence. Industry sources also corroborated the same saying that clients rarely respond on a positive note and encouragement is hard to come by at the workplace.

On being questioned, the agency said they hope to take legal action against the accused party in question but will only do so once the monthly retainer has been received from them.  The spokesperson agreed that a letter had been sent to the client informing them of the same only to be returned with suggested changes in copy and font style. The agency is rewording and working on the same.

Colleagues at the agency are shocked that this has happened and the agency chief  Suresh Transitwala expressed shock and anger at the event. “They were budding colleagues of mine and were writing a critical award entry. I just wish they had finished that. They would have died doing what they loved. But God and award juries – who can change what they will.”

There has been no official word from the accused company by the time this article was published. The only word received was that they have asked for a larger visible brand connect in the last piece of art work exchanged between them and the agency. The agency is ‘integrating’ the same at an ASAP basis.