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Software Engineer quits his job to become a Maggi Peddler

06, Jun 2015 By musafir

The country wide ban on Maggi has prompted Magan Singh to quit his job at Infosys and start peddling Maggi. “People crave for it and would now pay any price to have it. This is a very profitable venture and will become an industry of its own in the near future,” remarked a visionary Magan when Faking News correspondent contacted him.

Being an ardent devourer of Maggi himself, Magan emotionally recalled how he in his engineering days had survived on Maggi for an entire week while he was watching his first TV series Prison Break. He thus acquired the nickname ‘Maggi’ in college and it soon became his identity. After that all they say is history. With Maggi by his side he successfully completed his 50th TV series recently. He even threw a small Maggi party to his close friends to celebrate this successful journey.

All set to help engineers find a new life
All set to help engineers find a new life

“This couldn’t have been possible without Maggi by my side which saw me through those gusty 4 am winter mornings and those scorching 3 pm summer afternoons,” he exclaimed. His family has welcomed his decision and are confident that his new venture would be more rewarding than his previous job.

“They paid him Peanuts; he’ll do much better with Maggi,” his elder brother said.

He plans to start his business by peddling in Engineering colleges across the country where there has been an acute food crisis after the 2 am night owls are clueless what to eat. They just didn’t see this coming and clearly were not prepared for this kind of situation. For generations, Maggi had been their savior from the hostel’s pathetic mess food. He feels if he doesn’t come to their rescue this might soon escalate into an unrest and rebellion on streets.

There have already been few incidents reported, of violent clashes (hinsak jharap) between the engineering students and nearby shop owners. The condition in another engineering college, in Surat was even worse where students were out on streets like Zombies protesting against the ban and the police had to use water cannons to stop them. Magan believes its the need of the hour to supply them some Maggi in their ‘Pot’.

He also plans to open rehabilitation centres which will be opened for all generations of Maggi addicts to change their eating habits to Top Ramen and other lesser know cup noodles. “But this is just to put a veil oh his actual business of peddling Maggi to the needy and the greedy, the rich and the poor, the old and the young,” revealed a friend on the condition of anonymity, of Magan’s true intentions.

“They are all addicts.. and I have just the cure,” remarked Magan with a vicious smile. “Now if u ll excuse me.. I have a country to feed.”

But being an ethical person he plans to put the label “Maggi kills” just like the label “Smoking Kills” on the packets as a gesture of awareness.