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Software Engineer fails to clear exit interview with good looking HR executive

02, Dec 2013 By deepakcn

Gurgaon. For 22-year old Ramesh Noolputt,who got into SysConsul straight out of college last year, it was an effort to blend into his Gurgaon workplace considering he had never been outside the town limits of Tiruchirapalli near Chennai. He particularly mentions a day when word got out that  he chose to download the WithU app instead carrying a gun like every other man in office. Women then, he claims, unflinchingly shot him down even before he made an attempt at conversation unlike in  Tiruchirapalli where girls would discretely pass on combined study requests into his engineering notes.

This was more than what young Ramesh, who never had a girlfriend,could take and that was showing in his otherwise exceptionally appreciated work. “I said to myself, enough is enough and put in papers”, recalls Ramesh. His manager respected his decision and with a questionable smirk put him through the HR for his exit interview with Priyadarshini Iyengar.

New trick by companies to hire sexy HRs taking exit interviews to curb attrition rate.
New trick by companies to hire hot HR executives taking exit interviews to curb attrition rate.

You could see the same smirk  on Ramesh’s face when he mentions Priyadarshini’s name,the pretty HR person whom he never knew sat on the same floor as his and had only met on the day of the said interview. Priyadarshini Iyengar, fellow Madrasi, looked hot as steaming idlis, he recollects and smelled of jasmine and coconut when they first met. She was the only one who wore punjabi dress (salwar suit) to office he observed. He was already imagining them walking into the sunset at Kanyakumari even before she had acknowledged his presence.

Priya, as he still fondly calls her,gave him a warm smile and he already saw some chance there. When she asked him the reason, he told her that the company is depriving him of onsite opportunities, which surprised her since the company dealt with clients based in Syria, where the guns are longer and the life expectancy only as long as your gun. Priya therefore asked him the real reason and Ramesh just couldn’t bear to lie to her idyllic (pun intended) face.

Unknowing of the workings of the HR,ignorant Ramesh saw her to be very empathetic when he put his heart out in front of her. He relieved himself after talking to her, of all the stress. She, ever so soft spoken, asked him to give her and the company one more chance to change his mind. “You are the only Tamil (madrasi) friend I have and I would really like that to not change”, she told him with such heart-wrenching truthfulness that could turn many a tamil soda glasses (thick rimmed spectacles) misty. He just couldn’t refuse to that. That night, they went out,on what Ramesh remembers his first ever date. There was a lot of touching involved but nothing more, said a shy Ramesh.

The very next day he withdrew his resignation and looked forward to make best use of the prettiest human resource he had ever laid his eyes on. But meanwhile what he missed was a company bylaw which states that he cannot put in his resignation again for the next six months once withdrawn and also Priya’s bbm pin. Cheery eyed, he had been to office that day, only to find Priya in an outfit that would send his Amma into a violent fit if she were to ever see her beloved daughter in law like that. He had to to tell her about such reservations of his before marriage and he planned on doing that over lunch, which they were supposed to have at the ONLY JAT UDIPI HOTEL.

At lunch, to his utter surprise,he found her with her batchmates from Lovely Professional University having humongous quantities of chowmein, which apparently was the staple dish there. She didn’t even pay him a smile when he entered while a guy who seemed almost as tall as a gopuram (ornate tower at the entrance of a Hindu temple) looked at him with contempt. Her Facebook profile said she was ‘In a relationship” which surprisingly said ‘Single’ the day before which ideally was supposed to make him happy until he saw her display picture, cuddling with the same gopuram guy at lunch while he was passed out in the background. This was embarrassing to say the least and made the world around him come crashing down. His true  love had betrayed him.He whatsapped her and saw himself blocked,she wouldn’t return his calls nor his messages on Google Hangouts.

This sudden turn of events was too humiliating for Ramesh as he already had updated his relationship status on Facebook mimicking Priya’s. He immediately called out to his friend to tell his story. His friend,he claims,was a pro who always knew about such matters of the heart but was somebody who has always been single because he apparently chose to. His friend heard him out and directed him to a page for Friendzoned men, where he remembered an identical story of an ex-SysConsul employee being posted.

It finally dawned upon him how he had been honey trapped or as in this case payasam (rice pudding) trapped. He now realised how scheming Priya was. How it was a utter lapse of judgement and a serious misreading of the situation on his part. Being held back in the organisation was appropriate lacerations for his action,he deemed fit.

He trailed off by saying that he was contemplating going to Forum for Harrassed Indian Men or Emotional Atyachar,as his friend suggested.