Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Snapdeal changes its name to NoDeal

18, Apr 2017 By wewuzkangs

With the sluggish pace of the merger with the equally struggling Flipkart, Snapdeal has finally lost its patience with the negotiators on the table and opted out of the deal.

In an unrelated case, app ratings of Snapdeal have turned into negative figures and the confusion of #boycottsnapchat has led to some hasty citizens taking it out on Snapdeal inadvertently and flooded the App store with such rebuking reviews that sent the App developers on to Suicidewatch, thinking they messed up the latest app update, only when they actually read the news, they realized the PR nightmare an American company was facing and felt relieved at having no part to play in the cause of such reviews.

Apart from App developers, Snapdeal also lost out on valuation negotiations after facing a product boycott albeit with no fault of their own.

Upon being asked to comment, the CEO of Snapdeal said, “This incident has thrown a spanner in the midst of a hotly contested deal negotiations with Flipkart, they have purposely low-balled us for the deal citing the drop in sales,revenue and app ratings. If only the Indian consumer used an extra joule of energy determining the company in the spotlight we would have not lost the valution by a couple hundred million dollars. This is the second boycott under my watch, all I can be thankful for is my top management haven’t asked for ridiculous raises, so we’ve avoided a Narayanmurthy situation here, only to end up mopping up this Spiegel fellow’s mess!”

One thing we’re sure about is Mass hysteria and confusion are hardly a laughing matter for this company.

Meanwhile Softbank and other investors have asked the founders to change the institution branding name as a makeover attempt as part of an outreach programme to NoDeal. This way they hope they won’t carry the residual negative impressions they already carried from the Aamir Khan fiasco,which again was hardly their doing.

While talking to the CEO,we couldn’t fail to notice a few sample hoarding posters starring the famous Mario Balotelli’s Why Always Me? moment and similar sympathy-evoking messages,with the new NoDeal logo emblazoned on the sides.