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Silly sensex

16, Aug 2013 By rofl gujju

After the fall of Sensex on black Friday, UPA government going to make White paper Monday. From our thirsty sources we came to know Government making pressure on BSE and SEBI to change the structure of sensex.

The sensex loose 10% so government going to take policy to 10% hike of sensex , sources said the policy is formed by the author of Zero loss theory. ( 10% fall + 10% hike=0 loss)

Currently sensex index include HDFC , CILPA, SBI, RIL, Coal India, Infosys etc

But by changing the index government going to shoot 2 birds with one stone.

1) Keeping 2014 general election in mind government want o give more representation of Aam Aadami and farmers in index

2) want to make market stable

So new index items and their weights may be as following :-

onions – 20% Milk – 15% Water bill – 12% Electricity bill – 11% Tata sky DTH – 10% Diesel/petrol – 10% Tomatoes – 7% wheat/rice – 7% Moong/urah dal – 5% Tea/coffee-3%

Sugar keeps out of list due to pressure of alliance ( pawor)

Ban on luxury items like biscuits and ice creams so,these also keep out of list.

Special duties on Ghee and Edible oils

~ ~ Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath ~ ~