Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Salman Khan to be appointed as brand ambassador of Virgin

06, Dec 2013 By cunninglinguist

After the Indian superstar candidly confessed to being a virgin at 47 years old, the Virgin group announced on Thursday that he will be appointed as the global brand ambassador for the multinational conglomerate.

Richard Branson, the group’s owner was visibly emotional, when he said,” Salman Khan is the truest VirginTM. Keeping in line with our band ambassador’s prior commitments, we’ll launch a new line of products. We have partnered with Ranbaxy to create Revital VirginTM. Instead of containing energy supplements, this will basically be an empty vial to store your tears after not having sex everyday.”

To analyze the impact this decision would have on Virgin Group’s brand image, we spoke to ad guru Pro-laid Kakkar, who commented,”The decision to hire Salman Khan as the global brand ambassador doesn’t make a lot of sense due to the star’s poor appeal outside of India. If hiring a virgin was the key, they would have saved themselves a ton of money going for any normal engineering student, as the virginity is strong with them everywhere, India or abroad.”

We tried to get the superstar’s thoughts on this development but  Salman was unavailable for comment as he was busy protecting his virginity preparing the script for Veer 2.