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Sales manager targets untapped ghost subscriber base to achieve sales figures

06, Sep 2014 By janaklotwala


Bhootnagar: Sankhi Seller, an area sales manager working a Telecom major company in India revolutionized the Telecom Industry by asking his sales executives to target large untapped ghost subscriber base residing in rural areas of central India.

This idea came to his mind after he was trying to sell 3G data cards to Tantriks who didnt even know what Nokia 3310 is. Bugged by lot of pushing from him he asked to go and sell his sim card connections and recharge vouchers to chamatkari chudail and premi pischaj. On detailed probing Sankhi found both of them to be in Love and long distance relationship. There were several misunderstandings created due to lack of communications between them.

This effort was lauded by the organization’s CMO and is planning to launch Nation wide marketing campaigns portraying them to be leaders in Ghost services and would be called ‘Shaitaan plans’. There is a lot of enthusiasm in the enitre bhoot and pischaj union regarding issuance of telecom services and are particularly attracted to night plans as they are most active then.

“I felt lonely most of the times and reside in purani haveli where there is hardly any visitor. When I talk to them, they run away in fear. Now this initiative will help us break the ice on phone first. I hope there is proper coverage inside the haveli,” Atript Atma was quoted saying to the newspaper, but couldn’t be seen in broad daylight.

Though this has given lot of headaches to entire sales team who have trouble convincing the retailers. They face a lot of trouble in verifying the identity of Bhoot as proper identity cards and names cannot be validated. Most of them existed in real world before 100 years. Also latest photographs couldn’t be made available to be put up in form as Bhoot are not visible on cameras.

But this initiative is bound to do well in the long run and seeing the buzz created from the idea, now FMCG companies are planning to reach out to ghost. Main products for which distribution would be setup will include mainly soap for cleanliness as most of them have not bathed since ages, toothpaste for oral hygiene, hair oil and other body care products.

“I will be Immortal in marketing now!” Sankhi was found tweeting to which chudail replied, “Your network better be good, else you’ll be soon found using ghost service as well” and attached an audio file with wicked laughter.