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Robert Vadra demands royalty from Faking News

03, Sep 2013 By vinay pandey

New Delhi. In what can be termed as another business masterstroke, Mr Vadra has claimed his right on the popularity of Faking News. He was reported saying,  ” I am the face of Faking News. Every third article revolves around me . I am timeless on Faking News. If Faking News is Bollywood then Robert Vadra is Shahrukh Khan. Open anytime and I am everywhere. Even Mummy G(read Gandhi), Saale G, and Biwi G put together don’t command such coverage in media. But I am a man of integrity and dignity and I don’t ask you to rename Faking News to Vadra News. “

Robert Vadra
Vadra’s reaction to yet another article on Faking News.

When we probed further on how much he demands for each article featuring him he was quick to quote, “No, No. It’s not the money I am after. I am a humble farmer, what do I need money for. I only ask for what is legitimate. I demand a share in your popularity. I want you to create a fan page for me and for every 3 Facebook likes on your page arrange 1 like on my fan page. Same goes for tweets.”

“I also want to be declared Faking News Man of the Year”, he said before signing off.

This new development has made people finally turn their attention from Chennai Express clearly evident by the film’s falling collections.

While Faking News was still contemplating the further surge in Faking News’ readership by agreeing to Mr Vadra’s demand, many other news channels have already dedicated several prime time stories and pages on their websites to Mr Vadra. Among these “Damaad No. 1” on Aaj Tak has garnered particularly high prime time TRP. The story saw Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh saying, “Having never being credited for his sharp business acumen, it’s about time Damaad G gets his due. He’s the quintessential poor but conscientious farmer from Bollywood movies who is now making it big in popularity charts and he should be appropriately paid for it.”

The same story also featured several enthusiastic young farmers from Haryana supporting Mr Vadra’s demand by wearing “I am Robert” caps on their head, holding a spade across their shoulders and a Mahindra Scorpio in the background.

We have been informed conclusively by our Faking News management that they have gladly accepted Mr Vadra’s demand and is in the process of creating a Robert Vadra fan page which is incidentally his first and only such page on FB. Further a new category Damaadnaama will be created in addition to already existing India, Cricket, World, Politics etc on their website. Assured by Mr Vadra’s midas touch, Faking News is expecting it’s readership to at least double in 3 days in the initial modest estimates.