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Research saying deodorants attracting more female mosquitoes than females

29, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Mumbai. A recent new definitive path-breaking research that brought forth the fact that deodorants are attracting female mosquitoes rather than hot chicks has caused widespread panic and heartbreak among millions of men young and old who were hoping to patao a girl by applying gallons of these cherished deos. If this heart break was a shock then a bigger shock was risk of being inflicted with dangerous dengue courtesy these deos.


“What can I say? My hopes are dashed and my dreams of having a girlfriend are over. My life is now down in the dumps. I religiously bought every newly launched deo in the hope that it might be the one that will fetch me a girl of my dreams. I had spent more money on these deos than on my basic needs. I never tasted success but at least the hope was there. Now I am distraught, A man without hope. Life has lost its meaning to me,” a destitute Chander mohan kumar told faking news. Worse is that he is just one of the million many who thought that deos were God sent boon for ending their single status.

As the word spreads so does the disappointment, life will never be same for millions with the last floating hope now sunk.