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Remains of rose gifted by Shahjahan to Mumtaz up for auction on eBay as Rose Day special

07, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Agra. A city based art collector, Gulab-e-Mustafa, who claims to have a petal of rose gifted by Shahjahan to his lady love and wife Mumtaz, has put it on eBay.com for auction on the auspicious occasion of Rose Day.

Rose day back in Mughal era.
Rose day being celebrated back in Mughal era.

As per Gulab-e-Mustafa, it’s petal of the same rose which we often see Shahjahan and Mumtaz holding in their paintings. “I inherited two petals of that rose from my forefathers, who used to work for Shahjahan. One I sold few years back to buy a car, and this I am going to sell for buying a flat in Gurgaon,” said Gulab Sahab, proud owner of the rose petal.

“It’s a rare chance for a common man to buy something as romantic as this for their love. It’s not a Taj Mahal, but you can think of it as flower version of Taj Mahal. Don’t think of price, buy it and make your Rose Day and unforgettable,” he made an emotional appeal to all the wannabe Shahjahans across the world.

Although, there is no solid evidence to prove that the petal actually belongs to Shahjahan. But riding high on emotional wave of Valentine week, the news is spreading across the world like wildfire.

“It went viral just like AAP,” said a market expert.

While many bidders are self motivated, many are bidding due to emotional pressure of their lovers.

“It’s just a dry and odourless rose petal. But my girlfriend says, I am not capable enough to feel it’s freshness and odour and she wants it. She says, it’s a fossil fuel of love between Shahjahan and Mumtaz,” said visibly pale looking Vikrant Sharma, while continuously staring at auction page. “God knows how much money I need to shell out.”

Faking News tried to get views of girls on the ongoing auction, many of whom have already asked their boyfriends to get it at any cost. “They always claim to fetch star and moon for us, ab chaand na sahi, chaand ka tukda hi sahi,” quipped Priyanka, a resident of Pitampura.

Meanwhile, sensing the positive buzz around the issue, Uttar Pradesh government has provided special security to the rose petal, which is currently at Gulab-e-Mustafa’s home in Agra.

“As most people are not capable of paying the price, chances are high that some of the loverboys will try to steal it. We don’t want to take any risk,” said U.P CM Akhilesh Yadav, “And in case, they succeed in stealing it, we will find it for sure, just like we found Azam Ji’s buffaloes.”