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Reactions to Union Budget 2013

28, Feb 2013 By Gaurav Mittal

Just like Bollywood movies and cricket, almost everyone has an opinion on Union Budget and has become a critic of it. Never before in the history of India have so many people understood the meaning of “fiscal deficit”.

We also tried to catch reactions of some of the stakeholders as to what do they feel about the Union Budget. Here are some of those reactions…

Theek Hai ~ Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

It is a pro North Indian Budget ~ Shiv Sena spokesperson

I demand complete rollback of Union Budget ~ Mamta Banerje

I will give  4.5 stars to Union Budget ~ Taran Adarsh

It is not good for middle class. I wished P Chidambaram has seen my shopping list ~ A middle class wife

The Union Budget is a blow to Modi ~ NTDV news anchor

I don’t care; I have a boyfriend ~ a girl recently proposed by a boy on Valentine’s day.

Though the budget is not good and is anti-poor but we support it to keep communal forces away from power ~ Mulayam Singh Yadav

It is a game changer ~ Rahul Gandhi

I knew this type of budget will come but when it will come I did not know ~ Home Minister Shusil Kumar Shinde

The budget is 90% idiot ~ Justice Katju

There is nothing in Union Budget for Marathi Manoos ~ MNS spokesperson

Beautiful Budget. Kiss to Chidu ~ KRK

It is a corrupt budget. It will not help in bringing back black money ~ Baba Ramdev

I will expose the budget ~ Arvind Kejriwaal

Just like 2G scam, it is a zero loss budget ~ Kapil Sibal

Thanks to Shri Rajeev Gandhi for the wonderful union budget ~ Congress spokesperson

We are planning to hold an internal debate between our PM candidates and will then react ~ BJP spokesperson

I did not listen to P Chidambaram as I was feeling nostalgic ~ President Pranab Mukherjee

It is an anti-dalit and a Manuwadi budget ~ Mayawati

Fundamentals of budget are strong. In long term stock market will give good returns ~ An Indian stock market analyst