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RBI Governor confesses he can buy property everywhere except Malabar Hills and Aurangzeb Road post massive salary hike

08, Oct 2014 By zhootareportor

Much awaited secret is secret is out in open. What was once thought to be just an idea has become a reality. Last year when rupee had touched 68.80 to a dollar, newspapers came out with the reports that the RBI Governor had asked the then government of India to pay him salary in dollars as he had lost faith in rupee. This statement of RBI Governor came after RBI failed to control free fall of rupee against dollar and left it the mercy of God shunning monetary policy completely. But who would have thought that the government would accept his demand without making it public? The fact that RBI Governor is getting salary in dollars is no more just a pipe dream and recently been confirmed by Governor himself, though very smartly.

Last week while presenting monetary policy document RBI Governor said, “Barring Aurangzeb Road (Delhi), Malabar Hill (Mumbai), I am comfortable with real estate prices.”  This means that he can now buy house worth RS.10 crores without much difficulty. He has also stated that property prices in real terms are coming down which reiterates the fact that he has also received good salary hike as well. This is called killing two birds with single stone. While he has revealed that he can buy property at all places except these two locations, he has also hinted that his salary has taken a quantum jump after rupee fall against dollar.

This statement has just not gone well with RBI employees who still find Palghar and Igatpuri real estate price baffling and too high for them to buy. One RBI employee was candid to confess that if RBI Governor could arrange a decent loan scheme for them he would to be happy to buy flat behind Sanpada hill or near Yeoor Hills it will be great.

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