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Railway Budget: Railway Minister says Hazmola tablet must be given in railway meals

08, Jul 2014 By rishikrantik

Hajmola will be given on Railways now. Announcing this, Railway Minister claimed that Congress had made rules for harassing the people not only in inflation, but also with oily food in railway meal that caused food poisoning in people.

Must for Rail food

For this announcement our faking news reporter asked the Delhi Tamilnadu Rajdhani express caterers where it will be efficient for passengers. One caterer Rajnikant Yadav said that, “the problem of acidity will decrease in passengers, but Railway Minister should think about  air pollution that may be increased.”

Another caterer said that it is easy to regularize hazmola in non-ACs train because of bypass air from windows, but hard to utilize it in Some ACs train like Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express.

The Railway food research manager commented: “We should monitor gas production. If one person is generating more than others, then the person may be handed over the Reliance or Adani Gas Ltd. For gas production. So Minister should talk about MOU for energy transfer with relevant organization.”

Minister also announced that Desi Tharra will also be given free so that poor people can enjoy the journey in their mood.