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Rahul Yadav's new startup is - it helps you quit your job to ‘Look Elsewhere’

23, Jul 2015 By chats

The man, who was CEO of million Rupees Company, who was intellectually superior to his investors and all board members, Rahul Yadav, the next Steve Jobs and ex CEO of one of the best startup in India has launched his new startup, an app called ‘Quitting. Com’ and this time the tagline is ‘Look Elsewhere’

Our reporter has interviewed him about his new venture.

Rahul Yadav
He is looking elsewhere

Reporter: Hi Rahul, thanks for giving us your time, How are you?

Rahul: I’m 100x times better (smiling)

Reporter: Rahul, how does work?

Rahul: Well, this is an app; it helps you to quit anything in life, your bad habits, your troubled relationships or even your current job (laughing). If the path is smooth, dig your own holes, just to make things interesting.

Reporter: That’s interesting, how did you get the idea of this app?

Rahul:  When I was the CEO of Housing. Com, I was not happy with my job for various reasons. I tried to quit the job but….

Reporter: But media says that board members sacked you for your immature behavior with the investors

Rahul: of course, they are saying these things (angrily). Paid media will say whatever investor wants. But I have left the company for obvious reasons.

Reporter: What were those obvious reasons?

Rahul: (laughing uncontrollably) I think everyone knows it ( he looks down for a moment)  anyways I have realized that they are so many job portals to get a job but there is no website or app that could help you to quit your current job and pursue something intellectually challenging.

Reporter: But, you said on Facebook that you were looking for a girlfriend after you quit Housing. Com

Rahul: (shying away from camera) well, that’s intellectually changeling, building was 10x easier than understanding a girl. ‪

Reporter: Do you come up with this app to attract more employees for your next startup?

Rahul: I have never thought of it (laughing) it’s for everyone who isn’t happy and wants to quit something to make things better. A lot of employed IT engineers want to become Film makers, musicians and stand up comedians. All they need is little push.

Reporter: Did you test the app?

Rahul: Yes, most of my ex-colleagues used it. It worked, they have left the job. Some of them are gone to Greece to help Greece government in their economy.

Reporter: Don’t you think it’s now difficult to attract investor for this app.

Rahul: I think common people will quit their jobs and invest in this app, but I don’t care about investors, quitters will make it big.

Reporters: What are challenges for your app?

Rahul: We don’t know yet, but youngsters could quite the college by using this app (smiling)

Reporters:  one last question, everyone wants to know, did you use when you were looking for new place to live.

Rahul:  Yes I did. It’s pretty easy; you don’t need to hack the website for it.