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Rahul Yadav gets a job as CEO of HappinessWala

03, Jul 2015 By happinesswala

Rahul Yadav has joined as CEO, HappinessWala in a dramatic development that was triggered from a conversation between Rahul & God.

Reliable sources tell us that Rahul was cribbing about the boring games that God devises for him when God countered with a bigger challenge. In a conversation with God, Rahul laughed at God’s easy challenges of solving the Housing problem in India and dealing with Villains and Jokers while playing the  Housing game.

Annoyed with Rahul’s arrogance, God told Rahul that the Indians despite being so intelligent and smart asses are never happy. In the global happiness index, Indians rank 117th. Even behind Pakistan!

God even cornered Rahul about his remark in a Reddit AMA that “happiness is the purpose of life and whoever is happy is successful”. So by cribbing about the boring games, Rahul was not happy and therefore not successful.

Rahul was being cornered for the first time but he also saw that God had a very challenging game for him. To make Indians happy was indeed a huge challenge. Rahul knew that Indians have a talent to crib. They even crib about #SelfieWithDaughter. And then he had his own example of cribbing.

Indians know every theory about happiness and can intellectualize or debate on happiness for hours together. And they are never happy. (The irony!)

Rahul decided he was game for taking up the HappinessWala challenge. (Btw, PS News is PhotoShop News)

Rahul Yadav, CEO, HappinessWala