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Protests held outside Microsoft's office demanding better hindi translations than UPSC exams in Windows 8

04, Aug 2014 By abhitds

Hyderabad. Some self-proclaimed patriotic Indians led a candle march outside Microsoft’s Hyderabad office today evening demanding an edition of Windows 8 totally in Hindi language. One of the protestors told that they have had enough.

They had been raising this issue of developing software in Hindi since a long time. They were assured that their demands will be fulfilled. But they felt cheated when they were handed software which had just some mechanised translation. Some even claimed the meaning of the commands significantly changed during the translation rendering the commands useless.

Infosys employees too joined in.

Considering the political sensitivity of the issue, the Managing Director of Microsoft, India Operations has assured that he will look into the issue with utmost seriousness.

Meanwhile some overzealous politicians have gone on record saying that this is conspiracy by America to indirectly rule over India. Some eminent historians who approve of this conspiracy revealed that the Britishers faced many issues when they came to India because of cultural differences.

So Americans don’t want to take any chances. They want to first Americanize the Indian culture so that they feel at home after they conquer India economically, if not politically.

Some reports of street demonstrations were also reported from Delhi. A protester was holding a placard which said “If a chaiwalla’s son can become a coumpter engineer then why can’t the chaiwala run a computer”.

Some even claim that Google is also a party to this conspiracy. Google translator gives lot better translation with other languages than Hindi. Because of this bad Hindi translation many deserving candidates of India’s toughest exam called UPSC Civil Services Exam missed the opportunity to serve their country.

This strategy will slowly and gradually place country’s administrative mechanism in incompetent hands which will crumble the entire system one day.

When these questions were posed to a Chaiwalla who was distributing Chai at the protest venue, he simply told “It’s good! I get to earn more when the protests are held. I will buy sweets for my children tonight after a long time since elections”.