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Professional photographers file defamation case against Nikon and Canon, demand prices to be raised

02, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi. The latest ‘trend’ to be ‘in’ amongst the youth has not gone well with professional photographers in the country. With the prices of DSLRs following the growth rate of Rahul Gandhi’s popularity, everything from cow shit on the city roads to a fused bulb in an otherwise extravagant wedding set up have started finding their way into the camera lenses.

Another DSLR user trying to capture depth of his dog's nose
Another DSLR user trying to capture depth of his dog’s nose

The Union of ‘I am actually a photographer’ photographers have filed a defamation case against the companies they think are responsible for this – Nikon and Canon. “People have started laughing at us when we say we do photography for a living” says the Union Leader. The Union has also called a meeting where they would contemplate on naming social networking platforms like Facebook and twitter in their defamation case.

A union member says “These websites have made our lives miserable. When I posted some of my photographs, that were displayed in an exhibition in France, in Facebook, I have been receiving messages like “From which Chandni Chowk shop did you buy your camera?” , “You did not tell me before buying your DSLR. There was a buy one get one offer. I would have got mine too” or “You can do better. I’ll give you some tips” from a friend who had bought his DSLR an hour before.

The Union leader says they couldn’t take it anymore when they saw an out of focus close up photo of a toilet seat in Facebook, with 309 likes, titled “I know its good.” in an album titled “My passion redefined. Muaah Canon”. He even says ,in his press statement, that he actually once broke his computer’s screen when he saw a totally blank picture with ‘Talented Dilip Photography” photoshopped at the bottom right corner.

The Union spokesperson has complained that their businesses have also been affected since everybody is flashing a DSLR nowadays. People are happy looking at B&W pictures of empty glasses in dirty dustbins than the bridegroom kissing the bride”.

The Union has demanded that the prices of the camera be raised. Nikon and Canon representatives were not available for comment as they were busy clicking Tarun Tejpal picking his nose with their latest model, for a Delhi Times exclusive.

(The situation does seem bad for the professional photographers. Faking news stands by the Union in this grave situation)