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Politicians react to "Xiaomi Mi3 Out of Stock" scam

14, Aug 2014 By manojaswani

New Delhi. It has been third time in a row in last one month when E-tailer KlickBark ditched its customers over the much hyped phone Xiaomi Mi3.

The phone again went out of stock in less than 5 seconds, which has not gone well with AAP (Amazon Averse Party) Chief aka U Turn Specialist – AK.

Xiaomi Mi3
The new Tatkal booking joke, after the IRCTC website has started working.

AK has immediately called for meeting followed by Dharna at Jantar Mantar. In a reported speech from Jantar Manatar, AK has allegedly attacked BJP (Bachha Jachha Party) chief Dharmendhra Lodhi. AK has cited a big scam in Xiaomi running out of stock again and again. Following is snippet from his speech.

Bhaiyo hum baar baar dekh rahe hai yeh KlickBark par kya ho raha. Yeh theek nahi ho raha hai. Theek nahi kar rahe yeh BJP waale jaanta ke saath. Isi baat ki hamaari ladai hai. Yahi to scam hai. Yeh sab Adaani aur Ambani ke E-Tailers ko faayda pahuchanne ke liye ho raha haiHum aapki rai jaanana chahenge is baare me. Aur is baar me personally aapke message recieve karunga. Aap apna referendum 420-786 number par message karke de sakte hai“.

INC (Inhe Nahi Chhodunga) Party 2nd number Raul Aandhi with his sleeves up has passed on a very serious rhetoric. Mr. Aandhi has alleged that BJP stole their idea of such a big scam.

His mother and party chief has backed his statement. Additionally, Mr. Andhi has put allegation that this scam was on their wishlist, and they had done all ground work for it, but Mr. Lodhi’s government has taken credit for it. Mr. Andhi, being young drunk and terrific, had personally mooted this high-fi technical scam in party which has made him upset, sources claim.

Meanwhile in the East of this hustling bustling Delhi, Aalu Yadav, Gitish Kumar and Mulayam Sakth Singh have come together to kickstart their own E-tailer to counter this scam.

Citing such a big opportunity of scam, they are also trying hard to get Behen Nanavati in the group for giving Elephant like power to the idea. A supporter of this chorus has told Faking News netajis have now come together to start own E-Tailer SecularBark, because that will make sure nothing goes out of stock for ever, because everything will come to the stock of netajis.