Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Petrol sans helmet is optical illusion

13, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A new trend is emerging around the city’s petrol pumps. Various stalls are now coming out to solve the instant helmet obligation for securing required quantity of the fuel for the vehicles. They are charging a certain nominal amount for making available the head cover. It is returnable instantaneously. Unknowingly the administration has provided a solid fresh suggestion of self-employment to the youths. They would now be busy as the helmet keepers on the roadside booths. Their main occupation will be to make available the helmet on hand at a certain rate so long as the pumps remain functioning. The compliant consumers would then get the helmet directly and give back after getting the petrol.

Although the order has enhanced the rate of the helmet yet the people’s borrowing habit is showing an upward trend in the market. It is specifically in the case of the helmet. This piece of headgear is as much vital for a vehicle rider as jewellery is considered to be highly important for a newlywed bride. No biker will now dare to approach to the roadside petrol pump without this headdress. What did traffic police fail to do have been easily executed by the district administration at one stroke? The brides never fail to drop their covering a little lower upon their heads so the vehicle users would reach the petrol stations by covering their heads with all the reverence. The man at the machine would initially look at their covered heads and then nod them for unlocking the petrol tank.

At about 150 petrol filling pumps in the city areas, the vehicle users are forced to envision the helmet as the ‘Aadhaar’ for obtaining the necessary quantity of fuel. Nearly two lakh vehicle owners have daily been enduring the helmet compulsion in the city’s precincts. How long will this borrow jugaad continue? When the administration claims of the adherence to this helmet norm by seventy percent vehicle users, the remaining thirty percent users will undoubtedly fall under this strict regulation sooner or later. First, the banking transactions are impossible with no Aadhar card and now the petrol becomes mirage without the helmet. The day is not far when the customers will have to show the rough sack for buying the vegetables in the market. India is changing for better days.