Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Parents pushed to pay pointlessly

05, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: How can one freely pay any amount of money without taking on the worker’s service? But contrary to this point everyone is somewhere paying a handsome amount to the workers who force the employer to extend full payment with no labour. This may appear surprising but it is not wholly inaccurate. Such situation arises before the hapless parents to follow this type of inclination.

When the parents hire the private van drivers for their wards studying in different English medium schools, they are persuaded for initiating the payments for the whole academic year. These van drivers stress upon this irrational practice all the time. The parents are told to pay the van’s monthly fare for even the month of June which is generally known for the schools’ closure. Making their points a little strong they give the instance of the schools that take the school fee of all the twelve months by the humble parents.

But the van drivers do not try to accept that they are nowhere attached with the schools. They do not even provide their details to the schools’ authorities. They undertake the task of bringing school children autonomously. Then how can they claim for the fare when they do not carry the children? They are even seen quarrelling with the parents denying the payment for that particular month.

Another example of free payment is appended with the teachers who provide teaching service for only fifteen days of a month and take out the whole month’s fee. This tendency is prevalent at most of the tutorials. The students’ parents have to pay it for their wards’ better results. The fee structure is as prepared as the tutors always gain in the scheme of things. For the parents, their wards’ future holds much importance and this compels them to do accordingly. They understand everything but maintain silence for clear reasons.