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Out of ideas to pester the employees, IT company to implement uniform

17, Feb 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

Out of ideas to pester the employees, Infosys is going to implement uniforms for the employees now.

In last few years, since profit of IT companies started going down because of global meltdown, policy makers in IT companies have put their entire focus on bringing policies for the employees. First they started reducing the recruitment, and later they started bringing new rules every few weeks to piss-off the existing employees. Industry experts say that it might be a way to persuade employees to quit peacefully, but more importantly it might be a way for the policy-makers to keep their jobs by making themselves look productive.

Adding more to the misery
Adding more to the misery

Leading IT company Infosys has been a leader in this field too. Every few weeks they change the rules about how in and out time of the employees will be recorded, recently they brought new systems that use biometric information(fingerprints, retina scan and heart beat counts) to record in and out timings. This made Infosys only third organization in India, after ISRO and BARC that uses biometric information for access control.

This also made Infosys only the first IT company in entire world, that uses such security systems. Company sources told us that in next few months they will introduce strip search for employees, they are waiting for US security guards to come to India and provide their expertise in strip search.

All the organizations provide cabs to their employees who are staying late in the office. One changed policy now asks Infosys employees to raise cabs 90 minutes in advance. Infosys has put a special team in place to stop the employees, who have not raised the request, from leaving the office. This team comprises of retired NSG commandoes. If the employee has not raised the request, he is asked to do 100 sit-ups, holding his ear. He also has to put a mail next day to his HR manager typing 100 times “I will raise the cab request 90 minutes in advance.”

“How the hell am I to remember raising requests, I was about to leave, then only I got a client call,” said Pissu Patel, an employee, who looked pissed-off, “Daily I am working 16 hours because of this project and I have not been able to leave office in last three days. Now I have to remember raising cab requests too!” he exclaimed.

Infosys also has the strictest dress code in entire IT industry, it has special guards (retired employees of magazines like Grihshobha) who daily check shoes, ties and length of the sleeves of the dresses and impose fine on the spot if any violations are found. Now they are going one step ahead and implementing uniform dress code for all the employees. Now employees have to wear white shirt and blue pant (same colors for girls also for their dress), and wear red tie.

“Infosys has always been a company that values discipline, customer service and employee satisfaction highly. To value these qualities more we are implementing the uniform dress code,” Narayn Swamy, a senior executive, said. When he was asked “How is a uniform going to help customers or employees in any way?” He responded that they have not figured it out yet, but soon a book on “leadership in Infosys” will be published, in which it will be explained thoroughly.